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According to Agile Manifesto how the best architectures can emerge?
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Parkinson's Law

You can do things quicker than you think. This law says that a task will expand in time and seeming complexity depending on the time you set aside for it.

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Space Mountain

Space Mountain
View into Space Mountain

Category: Disney Vacation

Location: Orlando, Florida

Coordinates: 28.18N 81.24W

Starting At the End

Starting At the End
Can you imagine yourself walking along this beach? Where did you come from and why are you here? Who walks with you and when did the walk with them start? There are other people on this beach as well. What role do the people you pass along the water edge have in your journey?

Although beautiful, the walk along this beach has parallels our lives. We come here to enjoy the beauty, experience life. Our path is not often clear, rocks and boulders are strewn along our path. These obstacles provide variation, challenge and give us a sense of accomplishment once overcome. Regardless of your journey, either sunrise, noon day or sunset think of your life as though it is a walk along the beach.


Location: Beach

Coordinates: 00.00N 00.00W