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Technical debt is the total amount of less-than-perfect…… in your project. Which phrase properly completes this?
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Parkinson's Law

You can do things quicker than you think. This law says that a task will expand in time and seeming complexity depending on the time you set aside for it.

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Chip Playing with Audrey

Chip Playing with Audrey

Category: Disney Vacation

Location: Orlando, Florida

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Tribal Leadership

Tribal Leadership

Agile2016 Conference


Carrie Kish leads a conversation about every organization and company is a tribe, or a network of tribes. A tribe is a group of 20 to 150 people that form naturally, in which everyone knows everyone else, or at least knows of them. In this highly interactive session, she shows leaders how to upgrade their organization one tribe at a time.


Why should we care if we have groups (tribes) that function well

Tribes are built of 20-150 people who get together for a common cause

Less than 20 and individuals dominate


Tribes have unique measures we can look at:

The way they work

The language they use


READ: Conscious Capitalism (Mackey / Sisoda)


Stages 1 2 3 4

In conscious Capitalism read it

Stage 1 Life Sucks 2% if you find yourself here get out, CA DMV great example

Stage 2 My Life Sucks 25% - I've got problems TSA - Airport example

Stage 3 I Am Great 49% - I am a little more powerful I need to credit, I am the bottleneck I need to get credit

Link: YouTube Not Exactly Brain Surgery - BBC2 Sketch

Stage 4 We're Great 22% language changes to we us and "them". Protect my enemy very aikido. They each know what each other are thinking.

Stage 5 Life's Great 2% look at the company QLESS waiting in line


Move from 2 to 3 (steps you can take)

  • Don’t participate in complain

  • Build individual skills

  • Focus on strengths

  • Provide training coaching mentoring

  • Create and manage accountability structure


Do not say there will be no complaining - what you do helps others build skills


In Stage 2 create accountability manage processes lead people

In Stage 3 people want want to win

People will yield their position if they understand they can keep their values

Zappos is playful


Move from Stage 3 to 4 (steps you can take)

  • Listen for values

  • Use the Big 4 Questions as tool

  • Build triads based on values

  • Use core values as primary decision tool


Big 4 Questions

  • What is working

  • What is not working

  • What can be done

  • What else


Build tribes in stage 4. Connect other people we create better we build relationships with others

A scrum team mat triad up.


You're not going to be in stage 5 all the time or for long


You're right but no one cares.


Make history

I am an agile professional who enjoys the outcomes from true agile performing teams. When agile principles yield desired results, people take satisfaction in their work, do better work and inspire us again the possibilities of the human imagination.

At the Agile 2016 conference in Atlanta, GA 25-29July 2016 I am sharing experiences and learning lessons from the largest single event among agile professionals in the history of the universe.


Category: #Agile2016

Location: Atlanta, GA

Coordinates: 33.7616N -84.3868